Aruda Hanna-Wilson

Aruda Hanna Wilson passed away in April of 2015. She will be missed by many.

Aruda Hanna Wilson came from a culture strong in the oral tradition of story telling, and brought that experience to her writing.

Mrs. Hanna-Wilson was born aboard a U.S. Coast Guard cutter in international waters to Bahamian parents. She was raised on a small island in the Bahamas and married an American sailor. Forty years and three children later, she decided there was no such thing as normal. Because of her life experiences, she brought a unique view of the worlds she created into her stories.

“Normal,” she stated, “Is a word used to describe a non-existent status.”

She was an award-winning short story writer who graduated from the Writer’s Digest School of Short Story and Novel Writing. After her husband retired from the Navy, they moved to Florida, where they have lived for the last twenty years. During that time, she worked part time for a major department store, a grocery store, and as a paper carrier before she finally settled into writing full time and being surrogate “Mum” for young adults from Florida to California.

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