Ronald Polizzi


ron smallRonald Polizzi hails from the Deep South. Early in his childhood, his parents suffered serious illnesses and he was sent to a rural part of Alabama to live with his grandparents While there, his uncles entertained him with stories of Night Hags, Bog Witches and Devils at the Crossroads. These stories would later serve as a foundation for Mr. Polizzi’s fictional south, filled with haunted bayous and creatures birthed in unholy swamps.

He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Masters in Art Education from the University of South Alabama. Mr. Polizzi worked as a musician, a portrait painter and a teacher before turning his full attention to fiction writing.

Mr. Polizzi’s paintings have been exhibited in the Alabama state capitol. His works have been featured in several museum exhibitions and are represented in collections across the United States. He is a Fellow of the National Writing Project. His short stories and poems have appeared in magazines and one anthology. He now devotes his time to writing and assisting inner-city school children to achieve their own artistic dreams.

Mr. Polizzi lives in Mobile, Alabama with his wife, daughter, one brother, their dog and sixteen cats.

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