Margaret Marley

bio picMargaret Marley was born and raised in uptown New Orleans, just a stone’s throw away from historic Audubon Park. At a very young age, she attended Audubon Montessori elementary school, where she was placed in the gifted program.

During her tenure there, Margaret saw her first piece of writing published: A poem that she wrote for her grandfather after his death. This was published in a local anthology of children’s poetry. It was also during this time that she was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 10.

While attending De La Salle High School, she coped with her condition by developing an avid interest in writing. It was during this time that several of her short plays were performed at theatrical events around New Orleans, including Drama Rama at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center.

 After graduation, she majored in Communications at the University of New Orleans. Though the life of an aspiring writer is never easy, Margaret persevered, never giving up on her dream. She learned to use the trials set before her as inspiration.

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