Tales of the Weird

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Some days, I feel as though I’m reiterating what I’ve already written when I write about writing (say that ten times fast), so I’m going in a new direction. Recently, I’ve been looking at the books that have been published by Deer Hawk, and have realized just how much I’ve learned because of them. For instance, before Petweenus was published (and long before that program on Discovery America), I didn’t know that moonshiners still existed or that the government still prosecuted people who make moonshine.

I didn’t know that there are theories about Central American indigenous tribes, fleeing persecution and death, possibly came north and integrated themselves into some of the Native American tribes around here, specifically the Alabamos Indians. Heck, I didn’t know about the Alabamos Indians. All this and more came from one book. We’ve got dozens. So, I’m now going to add a page to my blog dedicated to all the weird and sometimes wonderful things I’ve learned while editing books.

To start, we’re going to talk about cannibalism.

Cannibalism is defined as the “nonconsensual consumption of another human’s body matter.” (Cornell University) Interestingly enough, it isn’t illegal to consume the human body in the United States, but there are some legal issues with desecrating a corpse, or basically how one would procure human meat (also known as long pig or hairless goat), as killing someone is definitely illegal. Reports of cannibalism exist even today. Anybody can go online and look that up. Heck, there are even websites that have information on how to butcher a human for the most use of the meat. Somewhat more disturbing is the fact that some people will willingly give themselves up as sacrifices for other people’s curiosity, as was the case of Bernd Brandes, who answered an online solicitation from German self-proclaimed cannibal Armin Miewes. Reportedly, they had sex, then Miewes castrated Brandes, and they both ate his penis. Afterward, Miewes killed Brandes and, before he was arrested, ate about fifty pounds of him. Reportedly, he tasted like pork.

So, are we actually the other white meat? I’m not sure I want to know. However, I definitely learned more than I wanted to when I started researching the facts in the book. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve learned from a book?

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