“I just saw my reflection blink.”

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The author of this sentence has the idea of a short story down to an artform. I’m uncertain of the origin of this six-word short story. However, it packs quite a punch. In six words, the author, which was a winner of one many six-word story contests, gives us an entire story. In six words, the author introduced us to an entire world. We know, from six words, that the protagonist is probably scared out of his or her mind. We can infer that in the world this person lives in, whether it’s our own or another like it, reflections don’t blink. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth mentioning. So, what’s my point? My point is that we often use too many words when we can use a few. Notice, I didn’t say writers always use too many words. Some people don’t flesh out their stories, and others don’t add enough description in the same number of words. In either case, being succinct and deliberate in your prose will only make it better. The six-word story isn’t a new concept: Many authors in the past have written a story using as few words as they can. Ernest Hemingway wrote one that stated: “For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.” Margaret Atwood talked about relationships in hers, and while Dorothy Parker couldn’t be bothered to follow trends, she had a seven-word one-liner: “Men never make passes at women with glasses.” So, why not try it? In the comments below, give me your best six-word...

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Yes, I’m still here.

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I’ve probably started and stopped more than thirty blogs in the past three years. I’ve tried keeping everything the same and doing what I’ve always done and realized I can’t. Let me start four years ago: four years ago, I had five editors, an admin, a busy publishing schedule, and a full-time job. Then, my world fell apart. My confidant, mentor, biggest encourager, and an absolutely incredible woman, died horribly. It was devastating, a loss I couldn’t imagine and one I wouldn’t wish on anyone. At the time, I didn’t think there was anything I couldn’t handle. I knew what I would do in the event I was too sick to continue, in the event I died, etc. I didn’t know how to handle this. It hurt to breathe. I couldn’t think, couldn’t focus. And we weren’t done. Three weeks later, I was told I have a chronic condition that will not only never go away, but is also exacerbated by stress (yay). And the hits kept on coming. It seemed as soon as I started recovering from one thing, something else would happen. I soon found myself facing another surgery, losing my editors, going through admin after admin, and generally trying to survive. Instead of focusing on my business, I now had so many more pressing needs to focus on and all of my backup plans I had going up in smoke. So, what does this mean for the business? I realized I had to make some significant changes if I wanted to continue. Stopping is not an option, never has been, so I will continue. Luckily, I have incredible support and help from my friends and the people I love. I’m reorganizing, so pardon the dust and look for more in the...

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John Steinbeck

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So I almost misquoted one of my favorite authors in writing this blog post. I know I haven’t written one in a long time, and for that, all I can say is that sometimes life gets in the way. Now, if you haven’t figured out who the author I almost misquoted is by the title, I can’t really help there, but I can say that John Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors for several reasons, and not one of them is because he was required reading in high school. There were other authors I couldn’t stand who were from the same era, and my English teachers (some of them) would be completely shocked if they knew how much I hated reading the works of authors like Hemingway (gasp!). Back to Steinbeck: his fiction was short, his prose simplistic, but his words packed a punch. His descriptions created pictures in the readers’ minds that were both vivid and real. I remember the first story of his that we were required to read, The Pearl. I loved it. The book opens with the main characters getting up to do their typical work on a typical day. From the setting, the actions the characters take, etc., we know all we need to know about them. He sets up foreshadowing in the first chapter as well, then punches us with a parent’s worst fear: their child being deathly ill and not having the resources (money, medicine, etc.) to help. The story takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotion, all the way to the end. Whether he was making a social commentary with his stories, or just writing his stories to entertain, there is always a takeaway. Speaking of takeaways, there was supposed to be a lesson in this story too, but it turns out (as many stories do), to be something completely different than what I originally intended. So, if you want a lesson from this article, there are a few: first, make sure you do your research, even if you believe that you are correct; second, your writing doesn’t have to be long in order to be effective; and third, if you haven’t read anything by Steinbeck, I’d highly recommend reading his works to understand what I’m talking...

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Welcome to Deer Hawk’s new site! I’m very excited about it and many things I’m seeing in the future for Deer Hawk Publications. I like to think of Deer Hawk as a small company with big dreams. Deer Hawk is not a vanity press. We are a legitimate publishing company, with several books currently in circulation, and several more coming up. We started back in 2005 with one author and one book and have grown from there. Deer Hawk Publications’ focus is on quality of story. As long as the story has a good plot, intriguing characters and a solid foundation, we’ll take a look. This year, Deer Hawk plans on exploding out in many directions and I believe that we can do so through creative marketing, wise use of resources, and plans we have put into place over the past year with new alliances, more authors, and newer strategies. I invite you to join us for a wild and exciting journey. Aurelia Sands,...

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